Collection shot by Emmylou Kelly


Step into the spotlight and get ready to show the world that refined elegance and a playful heart are not mutually exclusive!

This collection is vivacious, whimsical and forward thinking, taking timelessness and adding a mischievous and exquisitely tailored twinkle. Think delicate organza, sequins and frills for just the right amount of sass alongside the sophistication. If you’re ready to party, Resurgence is right there with you.

Aurora Top + Jean Dress

Add a touch of playful glamour to the Jean satin swing dress with the high necked ruffles of Aurora, a sheer organza top that turns the fabulous dial up to 11.


Put a little swing in those hips with Jean, a timeless, versatile and drop dead gorgeous ivory midi dress in duchess satin. With pockets and a subtle pleat at the front for an extra flattering fall, this dress is made for dancing.


Sleek, minimal but far from simple, Una is equal parts understated and extrovert. Long sleeves and a flattering sheath of silk crepe keeps things elegant, while a deep U panel of sheer organza keeps her from straying into the territory of the demure.

Dahlia Gown + Veil


Dahlia falls to the floor like petals. With a 70s heart and a 21st century style, this layered gown ripples and moves with you in a way that’s mesmerising. Beautifully light and sumptuously soft, Dahlia is perfect for weddings and events that lean into the bohemian.


Put your best foot forward with Carla, a tailored trouser suit that packs a stylish punch. Light wide legged trousers that are (whisper it) as comfortable as pyjamas, a tuxedo jacket in silk crepe with knee-skimming statement lapels and a beautifully bold top, including a sheer organza panel embroidered with flowers. Contemporary and effortlessly cool!

Carla Suit

Una Top + Audrey Trousers

If your version of happily ever after veers away from the traditional princess gown, more power to you! The wide legged silk crepe Audrey trousers paired with the beautifully tailored Una top with its deep U neck and embroidered organza panel could be just what your inner bride has been envisioning.


There’s something of the Hollywood star about Sofia. Classic and elegant, with a flash of sparkle. This high-necked silk crepe gown has long sequinned sleeves, and sequinned cut outs at the waist. Truly a gown for all seasons, she’s as gorgeous in the summer sunlight as she is lit by the glow of candles in winter.

Una Mini

If you’re looking for pure, unfettered fun, allow me to introduce you to the Una Mini. This feisty little number’s got it all – a thigh skimmer of a hemline to show off your legs, subtly embroidered organza with sequins all over so you’ll glimmer in any light, and a subtly flared long sleeve. She’s like a glass of bubbly champagne in dress form!


It’s a shift dress, but not as you know it. With an homage to 60s style, this duchess satin mini dress brings things bang up to date with puffed organza sleeves, gorgeous embroidery and a plunging U neckline. Belle means beautiful, but she’s so much more besides.

Daryl Dress + Aurora Top

This delicate pairing is a bonanza of organza. Layers of whisper soft material fall just to your ankles with the ethereally gorgeous Daryl dress (lift her skirts and give her a swirl, you won’t regret it). Add the ruffled Aurora cover up for some high-necked frills and flair.

Dahlia Top + Audrey Trousers

Looking for relaxed comfort and sartorial style? Try pairing the wide legged, super flattering silk crepe Audrey trousers with the dazzling sequins and organza of the Dahlia top. Subtle sparkle? Check. Contemporary silhouette? Check. A truly modern take on ‘bridal’? Check and double check.

Leonie Top + Audrey Trousers

Be bold, embrace the wildness of your character and let your stylish soul shine bright. That’s what Leonie asks of you. This statement organza top is a stunning explosion of ruffled detail, which moves beautifully and looks incredible in photographs. Pair her with the wide legged silk crepe Audrey trousers for a truly unforgettable look.