Your first appointment is your chance to chat to Rita about your wedding and your ideas.

She will guide you through the different styles and offer advice on what will suit your unique characteristics. You may have up to an hour and a half for your initial viewing appointment,

Next, we create a toile of your dress. This is a cotton mock-up, mostly of the bodice, made exactly to your measurements. It enables us to fit it to you perfectly, making sure that the seams are in the right place, it hangs properly and, most importantly, that you are also happy with it before it is cut.

Your first fitting is normally a full-length dress, sometimes in cotton. We will check the fit, hang, and drape of the dress and position any lace. The second fitting will be when your dress is almost finished but without final details such as loops, buttons, and finishings.

Your final fitting will hopefully only require the hem adjusting and a final press of your dress. Sometimes last minute tweaks are needed.

Most clients have at least one toile and three fittings. These fittings usually all take place within eight weeks of your wedding, so you can be sure that your dress is immaculately fitted for your big day.